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Nael | 24 | (he/they)

Illustrator | Pixel Artist | Game Developer


Hello! My name is Nael, I'm a digital artist from Brazil. I'm also a game dev, working on releasing my game called Orphaned. I like to work with illustration, pixel art, game design, storytelling and (web)comics. On my spare time I also code and make beats.

Please read!!

I have autism and ADHD. Those conditions are highly impairing, and ADHD (read as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) brings me a lot of difficulties when dealing with deadlines and time management.
I'm also perfeccionist in ways I can't control very well, which makes me especially slow at my drawing process. This however implies that I'll do my best to provide a high quality artwork in the end.
With this in mind, if you have very strict deadlines, consider not hiring me. If it's simple stuff, like icons, busts or half bodies, it's easier to deal. But for medium or bigger illustrations, with background and multiple characters, coming with 1-2 week deadline won't serve me well. I will go ahead and say that I would like to have at least a month for these cases.
Strict deadlines and constant pressure makes me prone to have meltdowns and burnouts, and I have the right to prevent this by setting up boundaries.
If you don't have strict deadlines and focus more on the outcome of what you want, I might be a good choice for you.If you've read until the end and is interested in commissioning me, grab it below:


DISCLAIMER: My work is for personal use only.
If you have any questions at any point, feel free to send it below.

Digital Art Gallery

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Original Artwork

Pixel Art Animations

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Game Development

I have a few different passions when it comes to Game Development.
Which includes:

Game Design

Overall planning of video game aspects. Such as visuals and aesthetic, gameplay and user experience, narrative, level design, production, game rules, balancing, etc.


Writing has always been one of my passions. I love planning plots, characters, and narratives for games. It's been a huge interest of mine since childhood when I started making comics. I spend a lot of time imagining how characters can connect and interact, their feelings and reactions. Writing dialogues is something I absolutely love. As a Psychology major, I think this background helps me dive deep into character arcs and their emotions.

2D Art & Pixel Art

Such as concept art, character design, cover illustrations, etc.
Everything you can imagine, given it's 2D.
I consider myself a pixel artist as well.
I've been a fan of retro aesthetic of video games that use pixel art ever since I played my very first Pokemon game, Pokemon Yellow.

Check my artwork:

2D Animation

I'm not a very good animator when it comes to regular digital art, but I really like animating sprite art.


I began my coding journey about two and a half years ago. While I wouldn't call myself an expert just yet, I am currently studying programming in college and consider myself to be at an intermediate level.
I'm very familiar with GameMaker Studio 2 and I have had some experience with Unity, Godot, Ren'Py and a game framework called LOVE2D (which uses Lua).
You can check some of my projects on Github below:


I'm still a beginner but I have also played around with game music and sound design.
Here's one:

So yeah, I have a lot of passion for many different areas of game development and I'm open to learn more!
As a solo dev, I had to learn many different things to make my video game projects. But when working in teams, I'd prefer to stick to one role.

Favourite Game Genres (to play and work with!) 

  1. RPGs (JRPGs, ARPGs, ...)

  2. Visual Novels and narrative-driven games

  3. Turn Based & Strategy

  4. Cozy Games

  5. Beat 'em up & Fighting Games

  1. Party games & Co-op

  2. Puzzles

  3. Platformers

  4. Bullet hell

  5. TPS & Top-down shooters

Game Portfolio

Follower system and swap-character mechanic

For my personal project called Orphaned. Made in GameMaker Studio 2.

Sans Shop (Fanmade)

Made for Andromedia's Deltarune Fan Chapters using Kristal, a Deltarune mod engine that uses the LÖVE 2D framework.

NPC pathfinding Implementation

For my personal project called Orphaned. Made in GameMaker Studio 2.

Visual Novel Game

Love Garden, a game for Cosmic Fox Studios. I made together with many other talented people.
(Currently Portuguese and English)

(Proto) Name Creator

For my personal project called Orphaned. Made in GameMaker Studio 2.

Video Game Projects I've Worked On

Fan Game Projects I've Worked On

Candleholder - Deltarune Fangame

Being a solo dev is cool but demanding. If you enjoy indie games, consider supporting me with a Ko-Fi donation or via PayPal using the button below.
(Alternatively, I also accept donations directly via Ko-fi :) It's the floating button on the left corner. The money will go directly to my game studio)

Find me below at Game Jolt, or

Coming soon.

Orphaned is a story-driven turn-based role-playing game set in a world ruled by magic where fantasy and reality blend, in which the player controls two orphan children in a search for clues that explain the disappearance of their parents. During the journey, they will encounter different characters going through their own hardships and the choice to help them or not can bring different outcomes.

Orphaned's visuals take inspiration from Steven Universe, as well as creators like Satoshi Kon, Junji Ito, and even David Lynch. It also brings inspiration from 90s anime, old Disney, as well as retro video games like The Legend of Zelda, MOTHER series, Pokemon and modern indie games like Yume Nikki and Undertale. The main visual goal is to create a nostalgic mood inspired by cyberfuturism, surrealism and fantasy.In the overworld, the player can explore different environments, going through villages and towns to find several NPCs to talk to, or even more hostile places, needing to sneak to survive, dodging and fleeing enemies or solving puzzles.
In the turn-based style combat mode, the player must use their magic in a creative and strategic way to overcome the opponents, each of whom have different inclinations.
But the main focus of the game is the narrative, with a vast worldbuilding to offer.This game is also made by queer people, so it has the LGBTQ community in mind. You'll find many LGBTQ characters along the way.Orphaned is programmed in GameMaker Studio 2 using GML language. Art is mostly made in Aseprite. Music is done in FL Studio.

Orphaned's release date is currently uknown. The prototype is being worked on.

The game's production progresses in slow steps, mostly because I'm taking care of almost all parts of the development, including art, storytelling, music, programming and game design. I have a teammate but they're busy and nowadays has different life projects too, so currently all of it is done by me.

Find me below at Game Jolt, or

Please read all of my "About" and "Terms of Service" before proceeding.

I use Clip Studio Paint to draw. But don't worry because it's possible to save the file as a Photoshop Document (.psd). Some layer information (especially for Clip Studio's effect/correction layers) might be lost in the conversion, but I organize the file the best way possible in spite of this.

It's worth noting however that I charge extra 10 USD for jobs that require the drawing files. More of this in the RATES section.

I have some favourite types of work. Which includes:
- Character designing
- Children's book illustration
- Pixel art
- Icons/ Gift Art
- Fanart of media I like
I'm open for new stuff which I'm not familiar with, but I'll review your request first and I anticipate I might not accept it. I'm usually best at working with what I'm familiar with, and what motivates me at the moment.


My work is for personal use only.Know that by choosing to commission me you're agreeing to all of my Terms of Service.If you would rather that I not post the finished commission on my art galleries, such as Instagram or Tumblr, please let me know!

If after reading my Rates and Terms of Service you still feel like you have something to discuss, feel free to DM me at any of my social media accounts or email me at

These rates are mostly based on single characters with one or two simple props, no background.That being said, extra things can be added, but it might increase the price.


LineworkRates (USD)Rates (BRL)
Bust/Icon$ 5,00R$ 10,00
Half body$ 10,00R$ 20,00
Full body$ 30,00R$ 40,00

Flats + Simple Shading

Simple shadingRates (USD)Rates (BRL)
Bust/Icon$ 10,00R$ 25,00
Half body$ 20,00R$ 35,00
Full body$ 40,00R$ 65,00

Full Shading

Full shadingRates (USD)Rates (BRL)
Bust/Icon$ 30,00R$ 60,00
Half body$ 40,00R$ 80,00
Full body$ 60,00R$ 120,00

This is valid for one (1) character.
An additional 80% will be charged for each extra character.

If you want the PSD or CLIP file with the layers organized so that you can make your own edits to the pic, I'll have to charge extra 10 USD.

When asking for a character commission, try to be the most clear, objective and accurate when communicating your requests. Be specific while describing posing, facial expression, color mood, etc. If you don't have a clear picture of the drawing in your head, you can leave it up for my creative freedom.My time window for responding emails is 1-2 working days. If you have something more urgent or quick to talk about, send a message via social media and flag it as such. I highly value my privacy and seeing someone constantly charging me makes me anxious, that's why I'd like communication to be kept to what's important.
Brief, however effective.
Once I begin your commission, it may take up to a couple weeks, though within one week is more likely. I might DM or email you the sketch to see if I'm on the right track.If you are unhappy with an aspect of the finished piece, I can make one revision for no extra charge.If I feel that I can’t complete the commission for whatever reason, I will refund you ASAP!

Will drawWill not draw
Original charactersNSFW
Canon characters from mediaMild suggestive
Ships (if not problematic)Gore
Furry / AnthroHateful symbols
Pets (such as dogs, cats, etc)Offensive themes
Props3rd-point perspective
Basic backgrounds (starts at $5)Vehicles

I reserve the right to decline a commission if it makes me umconfortable.

If all of that is okay to you, be my guest to talk about your request! Know that by hiring a neurodivergent person you're doing god's work.

If you're a person:

Payment has to be through PayPal. Since I'm from Brazil, I can't have accounts in sites such as Cash App.
To make it easier, I recommend going to my Ko-Fi and ordering a commission from there, because everything is already set up.

If you're a company:

Payment through Upwork, which is a freelance site. It emits invoices and stuff, which is important to me if I'm hired/working for a company. If you don't have an account there, please make one. It's really easy.
Alternatively, I also use Fiverr.
Full payment first or 50% first and 50% later.